Founded in 2008, the response. is a project based contemporary dance company dedicated to the creation and presentation of contemporary dance.  It is a home for its founder and artistic director, Amber Funk Barton, to create dance to original music that is physically impressive and of artistic excellence.  Inspiration for the company is the physical potential and the emotional capacity of the human body.  Works created blend contemporary technique with the energy of urban culture and aim to go beyond the focus of form to induce cinematic experiences using the body to create pictures, images, shapes and scenes. 

the response. is spearheaded by a sole individual’s desire to share her stories and observations with the world.  The company encourages individuality of its participants, working with dancers who are versatile in their training and distinct in their personal movement.  Interpreters of the company are ever changing due to the nature of the work being created.   

the response. presents ordinary, recognizable characters and emotions in imaginary landscapes.  Creations are inspired by imperfection, banality, humor and curiosity.  It is a company distinguishable by the vulnerability and sensitivity portrayed in its works.  The company desires not only to ignite people’s imaginations but also to induce an emotional connection to what they experience.  the response. keenly aspires to establishment itself as a fixture in the Vancouver dance community, specifically by providing opportunities for emerging dancers via its developing Apprentice Program as well as professional dance artists in Vancouver and British Columbia. 

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Photos Credits:
Workspace III in Rehearsal and Performance: Yvonne Chew 
Dance Happy: Chris Barton
Dance Class/Dance Jam: Juan Contreras
Other images: Danaea Li Photography