Founded in 2008 by Amber Funk Barton, the response. (AKA The Response Dance Society) is a project-based contemporary dance company dedicated to challenging how dance is made, shown and perceived.It is a home that allows its founder and artistic director to create new work that balances artistic resonance and physical spectacle. 

the response. focuses on the articulation of contemporary technique with the athleticism, dynamics and energy of urban dance and culture. Inspired by the ability of the human body, its physical potential and its emotional make-up, the company goes beyond the focus of form to create cinematic experiences using the body to create pictures, images and shapes to evoke reaction. the response. aims to tell stories; it presents ordinary, recognizable characters and emotions in imaginary landscapes. The company desires not only to ignite people’s imaginations but also to induce an emotional connection to what they experience.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Amber has always intended to contribute to the growth of the Vancouver dance community. the response. aims to be a regular presence, providing inspiration and opportunities to its interpreters, specifically providing a home for aspiring and professional dance artists in Vancouver and British Columbia.

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Photos Credits:
Dance Happy: Chris Barton
Dance Class/Dance Jam: Juan Contreras
Other images: Danaea Li Photography