the response. provides accessible and inclusive opportunities for the general public to experience the company's act of dance-making in a variety of ways. In addition to formal presentations, the response. offers free open studio showings and rehearsals, community workshops, studio talkbacks, and apprenticeships. These activities are aligned with the creation and production of the company's pieces, and allow the community to see the inside of how these performances are made.

You can also read more about the company's creative process via their blog, The Arsenal Project.

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Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their stories to our VAST ticket giveaway! Our winner is Jenna Mazur, congratulations Jenna! The task was to write "What you would do if you were an astronaut for one day ?" and to include the word "Vast"
Read her story below and check out the stories of our 3 runner up writers on our blog!

"If I were an astronaut in space for just one day, I would eat some food out of a tube. I would idle around the space ship, while waiting to arrive... somewhere, at some time, when I could exit the shuttle and be ejected into never ending atmosphere. I would peek out the round space shuttle window, and ask my fellow astronauts to join me in gazing out at the deep, vast space engulfing us. The crew would come stand with me and without speaking we would crowd the tiny window. We would notice the difference between the bright interior of the spaceship, and the all absorbing darkness outside. We would listen to the beeps and whirling sounds inside, as we failed in trying to count every star we saw. We would collectively inhale as a bright flash indicated a dying star passing near. We would reach for a hand or shoulder for comfort. We would realize how far away we were from everything we knew. We would take a moment to remember our families and lovers back home. We would appreciate how insignificant we were. We would ask each other what's out there? We would ask each other why? We would be quiet again, and allow our minds and eyes to wander. I would feel grateful not be alone."
-Jenna Mazur



MARCH 1-3, 2018
-Premiere of VAST with post show talk back at The Dance Centre (Vancouver, BC) following 2pm March 3rd performance. 

APRIL 28, 2018
-Our 2nd edition of Dance Café is happening at Gold Saucer Studio (207 W Hastings St.) from 1-5pm
Join us for an informal showing of works by 4 local choreographers:
Susan Kania
Katie Casssady
Shion Skye Carter & Samantha Priya Wright

This event is free, just RSVP at the eventbrite here

Classes and Workshops
-#dancehappy free contemporary dance classes resume for the general public