Photo Chris Randle and Tim Summers

Hero & Heroine

Duration: 30 minutes
Premiere: July 15 and 17, 2010
Choreography and Direction: Amber Funk Barton
Performers: Amber Funk Barton and Josh Martin
Sound Composition and Design: Jacob Cino
Light Design: Jason Dubois

Featuring the unique athletic hybrid movement of Amber Funk Barton, this intimate duet balances raw energy with precise physicality. Working as both allies and enemies and using the sensitivity of touch together they investigate the space that surrounds them. Hero & Heroine accepts the obvious dynamics of the relationship between a man and a woman yet challenges its physical and emotional boundaries, leading them to discover that their actions, whether as a regular human being or the alter ego of their dreams, have consequences.

Hero & Heroine premiered July 15, 2010 and was presented by the Dancing on the Edge Festival. This work was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, The British Columbia Arts Council and The City of Vancouver.