Photo Chris Randle

Portraits and Scenes of Female Creatures 2011

Duration: 57 minutes (one act, no intermission)
Premiere: December 7–10, 2011
Choreography and Direction: Amber Funk Barton
Performers: Laura Avery, Dianne Doan, Lina Fitzner, Lisa Gelley
Original Music and Sound: Marc Stewart
Light Design: Mike Inwood
Costume Styling: Karen Mirfield

Four mysterious female creatures create a world of loss and grief at sea. This physical journey begins on the surface of the sea and descends to the bottom of a nautical world as it forces its quartet of victims to come face to face with a reality they cannot change. Mythological tales of the sea and the female form act as inspiration for this haunting full length work.

Portraits and Scenes of Female Creatures premiered December 7–10, 2011 and was presented by the Firehall Art Centre. This production received support from The Canada Council for the Arts, the British Columbia Arts Council and the City of Vancouver.