Photo Chris Barton

The Art of Stealing 2014

Duration: 60 minutes (one act, no intermission)
Premiere: May 28–31, 2014
Choreography and Direction: Amber Funk Barton
Performers: Amber Funk Barton, Heather Laura Gray, Maiko Miyauchi, Manuel Sorge,
Kevin Tookey, Lexi Vajda
Original Sound Composition: Marc Stewart
Light Design: Mike Inwood
Projections: Jenn Strom
Costumes: lululemon lab

A gang of six survivors work together and against each other, striving to manipulate, compete and endure in a dark mysterious, post-apocalyptic world. An exploration of transformation, survival and death, Amber Funk Barton’s visceral, high energy choreography delves into the idea of stealing — what can be taken from us, both physically and emotionally. Her ensemble of six dancers struggle between conflict and cooperation, but the ultimate thief in life will outlast them all.

The Art of Stealing premiered May 28–31, 2014 and was presented by the Firehall Art Centre. This production received support from The Canada Council for the Arts, the British Columbia Arts Council, the City of Vancouver, the Landing Dance Centre, the Firehall Arts Centre, New Works, the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts and lululemon lab.