Founded in 2008, the response. is a project based contemporary dance company dedicated to the creation and presentation of contemporary dance.  It is a home for its founder and artistic director, Amber Funk Barton, to create dance that is entertaining and artistic as well as her desire to share her stories and observations with the world.   

Inspiration for the company is the physical ability and the emotional capacity of the human body.  Creations and productions of the company focus on using a cross pollination of several dance techniques thus resulting in a contemporary form of movement.  Combined with the energy of urban culture and Amber’s perpetual interest in popular culture, works of the company aim to use the body to create pictures, images, shapes and scenes.  Works place bodies and emotions in imaginary landscapes with the intent of igniting the audience’s imagination to elicit an emotional connection to what they experience.   

the response. recognizes and is grateful to practice their art and activities on the unceded territories of the Musqueum, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

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Photos Credits:
Chris Barton, Chris Randle, Yvonne Chew